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10 Free Scarf & Shawl Crochet Patterns

Winter Solace – Free Crochet Pattern

Wrap yourself up in comfort. This shawl works up beautifully with a lovely pattern crocheted on the bias and is sure to add cozy warmth to the chilly winter months.

Autumn Paradox – Free Crochet Pattern

This scarf is great for those who have mastered basic stitches and are ready to learn a few advanced stitches.

Spring Equity – Free Crochet Pattern

This shawl is simple and quick, yet creates a unique and intricate effect on anyone who wears it. You’ll love the loopy yarn that has an elegant drape.

Summer Flourish – Free Crochet Pattern

This scarf will bring an elegant finish to your summer outfits without adding bulk or warmth.

Wildflower Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

This gorgeous scarf is crocheted in a colorful wool that is a delight to work up! The intricate stitches leave you with a scarf literally infused with flowers. You can drape it around your shoulders to add a touch of winsome loveliness to any outfit or make it as a gift for someone who will feel truly special.

Friendship Scarves – Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Remember making friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread? I loved getting (and giving) those candy striped displays of affection. Now you can wrap up your friends in friendship scarves with colors and styles reminiscent of our grade school gifts.

Dragonfly Stole – Free Crochet Pattern

This delicate design is imbued with the fragility and wonder of a dragonfly wing. Through special stitches, the stole’s architecture draws inspiration from the network of veins crisscrossing the translucent and glassy wings. This one of a kind stole will add a whimsical and elegant finishing touch to any ensemble.

Dragon Wing – Free Crochet Pattern

Flickering with purple fire, this asymmetrical shawl will wrap you in the warmth and wonder of a dragon wing.

Compass – Free Crochet Pattern

Like points on a compass, this monochromatic scarf will guide you through seasons of wanderlust and wonder.

Simply Infinite: Free Crochet Pattern

Using bulky yarn, this simple to create (yet stunning to wear) infinity scarf will be a quick and fun project to give as a gift or wear for yourself!


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