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16 Free Cowl Crochet Patterns

Monika’s Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

This cozy cowl was designed for my photographer years ago. She still wears this cowl each winter and I’ve FINALLY written it up for everyone to enjoy!

Llama Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Llama Cowl Llamas. You may think of them as the pack animal of the southern hemisphere, but I think of gorgeous yarn (Okay, fine. I may also think of spitting). These fascinating majestic beasts do indeed protect themselves by spitting.

The Occasional Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

I live in a lovely little lake town in rural Minnesota. It’s cute. Really, really cute.  The downtown is cozied up to the lake shore and nestled between two major highways. (And by that I mean they’re “major” for the country roads west of the big cities!)

Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Free Crochet Pattern

Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Tumbleweed or graffiti art, cowboy coffee or artisan lattes, lonely mountains or crowded streets…it turns out you can love both. I recently moved from Wyoming back to Minneapolis, and the culture, slang, and rhythms of both ways of life pulse together through my veins and find their way into my designs.

Finger-knit Cowl & Tutorial (FREE!)

I teach crochet classes, and I love thinking of projects that younger children can make all by themselves. I am especially on the hunt for those projects that look amazing and not at all “kiddish” or only cute because your kid make it for you. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Spring Lion & Spring Lamb – 2 Free Crochet Cowl Patterns

Spring Lion and Spring Lamb Cowls

Dogwood Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

My husband and I moved to Wyoming shortly after we married, and we both fell in love with its stark prairie beauty and sunsets that fill the entire sky. After 8 amazing years and 3 amazing kids later, we moved back to Minnesota to be near family.

Festival Bandanas – Free Crochet Pattern

Get ready with your bestie for festival season with these one of a kind bandanas!

Stardust Gypsum – Free Crochet Pattern

Stardust gypsum is commonly known as baby’s breath, and it is one of those delicately understated blooms that makes everything next to it look more lovely. With colors reminiscent of the beautiful dried blooms for which its named, this cowl will give you warmth all winter long.

Circle of Friends Hat and Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern

This matching cowl and beanie set will keep all your loved ones snug and warm with as many size variations as there are dear ones in your life! This cheery pattern features playful stripes and circles then is finished off with a perfect pompom. The two layers on the cowl and hat will keep you doubly warm and comfortable.

Coffee With Your Cream Cowl/Hat – Free Crochet Pattern

Anyone else like a little coffee with their cream? I sure do!

Amethyst Bandana

This scarf radiates the brilliant amethyst of heliotrope blossoms. When you slip it over your neck you will realize why this gorgeous sheen of purple was once reserved for royalty. Now you can use this versatile and comfortable bandana to add a rich saturated splash of purple to any outfit in your wardrobe: equally fit for a cowgirl or a queen.

Winter Love Cowl

This bulky cowl uses basic stitches and works up so quickly a beginner will have so much fun making it. Seasoned crocheters will love how fast they can whip this out for a pop of color for an outfit or for a last-minute gift.

Sculpture Garden Cowl Remix: Free Crochet Pattern

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden perfectly represents the city’s passion for both the outdoors and the arts. This delightful park provides city dwellers with eleven acres of garden dotted with beautiful, quirky, and provocative sculptures. You will feel like your own work of art in the Sculpture Garden Cowl when you slip this luxurious scarf around your shoulders.

Simply Infinite: Free Crochet Pattern

Using bulky yarn, this simple to create (yet stunning to wear) infinity scarf will be a quick and fun project to give as a gift or wear for yourself!

Beginner Cowl FREE Pattern & Tutorial

With a handful of beginner skills, a big hook, and beautiful super bulky single ply yarn, you can whip up a gift for someone or an accessory for yourself in no time! See videos at the end of this post for step by step instructions with crochet teacher Abbey Swanson of The Firefly Hook.


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