Free Crochet Patterns: Shawl for Every Season Collection

A shawl for every season means perfection added to your wardrobe. Each design considers the seasons and pays homage to the lovely changes it brings.

Click on any picture below to view the free pattern.

Summer Flourish

Spring Equity

Autumn Paradox

Spring Lion & Lamb Cowls

Winter Solace

Leisure Arts books by

Abbey Swanson of The Firefly Hook.

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I have so many free patterns up now!

You can still favorite or queue all my patterns on Ravelry. But the content will be here on the Firefly Hook site.

You can also purchase the PDF for $1.99 for safekeeping. And great news! If there are revisions or corrections to the PDF, you will automatically get the update! I really love SendOwl. I hope you do too.

Also – I’m really excited to announce that I’ve become and affiliate with Amazon. This means I can connect you with great yarns and hooks and your purchase supports The Firefly Hook. I promise I’ll only post relevant links (or something I truly love).

I have enabled ads through WordPress. I can’t control those. I’m sorry about that. And I’m sorry if they are annoying. But I gotta pay the bills!

Click on any photo below to view the free pattern.

But first, let me share two “true loves” of mine: Addi Hooks & Malabrigo Yarn. You will see these a lot on the site as affiliate links. I’m not trying to get you to buy something I haven’t held in my hands and LOVE. Almost half of my designs are worked up in Malabrigo yarn. And I’d guess 90% of my stitches were made with my Addi Hooks.

Favorite Hooks:

 Malabrigo Arroyo: my FAVORITE yarn

One last piece of good news – if you click on the yarn link (or any other link on my site) then purchase a different skein of yarn (or any item on Amazon) you still support The Firefly Hook! Isn’t that great?

Okay, okay…. here’s the free patterns:



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